Tamworth Borough Council

ioda commenced delivery of Equality & Diversity training to Tamworth Borough Council in 2003. The programme has seen several redesigns to ensure currency of content and delivery style and has taken into account the changing social dynamics of the area. The success of the programme with the delegates, and the strong relationship that has developed between the key stakeholders from both parties, has created a true partnership. This is demonstrated by the fact that ioda are currently delivering Tamworth Borough Council’s leadership programme.

The Story - Tamworth Borough Council and ioda have worked in partnership for over 15 years. Their vision ‘To put Tamworth, its people and the local economy at the heart of everything we do’ aligned closely to what we at ioda believe in, which has seen us working in partnership with ‘Tamworth to be a better place for people to live, work and visit’.

The Solution - ioda were commissioned to work in true partnership to develop the workforce to better understand the communities they served.to develop their skills and behaviours to be the very best they could be. The programmes have consisted of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion through to Cultural Behaviour shift and currently working on a Leadership Development Programme to help support the managers through the coming years.

‘We have had an excellent working relationship with ioda over the past 17 years and have always found their design, development and delivery to be first class. They have provided us with a variety of training interventions as well as one to one mentoring and coaching.”