International Development

What we offer

ioda International specialises in sustainable justice sector development in complex and post-conflict environments where we offer a unique package of services to the local, national and international client. Our team of consultants and practitioners are policing and justice professionals that are fully qualified and experienced for their role.

We bring together experience in the fields of management, leadership, international engagement, social development advice, community safety, and access to justice, human rights, cultural diversity and academia.

Where we work

Our team work closely with the justice professional, be they senior manager or line officer, to identify their needs and set realistic objectives, jointly mapping out a path to build capacity and achieve organisational goals working in Rwanda, India, Turkey, the Maldives, the Balkan States, The Sudan and South Sudan and the Ukraine.

International Development

What we do

Irrespective of the focus, method of delivery, or location of development assistance, ioda is able to identify and manage the critical crosscutting issues that must be addressed throughout the programme or project. This service includes good governance, gender equality, other diversity issues, human rights, social capital and environmental sustainability.

Depending on the stage of the police reform process, we can assist specialist operational units or the entire agency with the development and roll out of demratic policing initiatives.

In post conflict or civil disturbance environments, ioda is able to develop appropriate, conflict-sensitive project strategies to effectively monitor the impact of conflict and/or civil unrest on development policies.

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