Balfour Beatty

The Story - Balfour Beatty have for over a century shaped the world we live in, pioneering new technologies and transforming the built environment. They invest locally and build sustainably to connect communities and create the infrastructure that underpins our daily lives. They like us, are committed to creating a diverse workforce and strive for an inclusive workforce.

The Solution - ioda was able to support their vision to make a real difference within their workforce and the wider community delivering Equality , Diversity and Inclusion solution to enable th e cultural shift that was required to future proof the organisation and ensure sustainable behavioural change where required.

“Balfour Beatty started working with ioda in 2018 they are providing us with training and consultancy. Lisa Reynolds from ioda helped our people with inclusive leadership, her approach focusses on supporting people with how to think not telling them what to think, creating a safe environment for people to examine their current thinking and providing new models for them to apply in real life scenarios. ioda are helping us to produce better more inclusive leaders for today and for the future.”