Complaints Policy

ioda Complaints Procedure

Formal Complaints Procedure

Our Clients, Learners and Apprentices have the right for individual or group complaints/grievances to be investigated and action taken to remedy any defects. ioda’s Complaints Procedure is based on three principles.

  • That any complaint should, wherever possible, be settled as near to the point of origin as possible
  • That clients or learners/apprentices have the right to be accompanied by another person, whether student, employer, friend or colleague if they wish to deal with the issue in person and not in writing
  • That all complaints will be treated seriously and action taken within a reasonable timescale.

Clients or learners/apprentices wishing to raise a complaint should do so in the first instance with their trainer, coach or the person they are dealing with. The trainer, coach or other member of staff will then endeavour to resolve the matter within 24 hours of it being brought to their attention.

If a client or learner/apprentice is not satisfied with this outcome, they may request a meeting with either their Programme Manager who has pastoral oversight, our Head of Training and Operations or our Apprenticeship Manager; or inform them of the complaint in writing. They will then endeavour to resolve the matter. It is agreed that such written complaints will be dealt with promptly, within seven days, if possible.

If the client or learner/apprentice is still dissatisfied following the above stages, they may request a meeting with the Chief Executive, Sean Stokoe, or inform him of the complaint in writing in order to pursue the grievance further. He will then endeavour to resolve the matter as quickly as is reasonably practicable and in any case within seven days. Note: Clients, learners and apprentices also have the right to contact Sean Stokoe directly and speak to him in person at any time if they feel they would prefer to deal with it in this way instead of in writing.


We want to reinforce that our aim is to deal with complaints quickly, fairly and sympathetically, therefore ask delegates to not hesitate to inform us of any problems they encounter.

Further information about ioda’s Complaints Procedure or any other issue relating to quality of service can be obtained from our Chief Executive Sean Stokoe, our Head of Training and Operations Lisa Reynolds, or any member of our Apprenticeship Support Team.

Reviewed by Sally Dale
Sean Stokoe

Review date: Feb 2020